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Bobby Cox Challenges Rep. Phyllis Henderson to a Debate

District 21 Deserves Answers to Rep. Henderson’s Voting Record

Elections are about choices. Here in Greenville County, voters in District 21 have an important choice about the kind of leader they want in the South Carolina State House of Representatives. They have a choice between myself (an Army Ranger, businessman, and conservative reformer), or incumbent Representative Phyllis Henderson (a career politician and Columbia insider). This is a choice that will impact the direction of our state, and the future we leave to our children. Republicans in District 21 deserve to know everything there is to know about their choices, which is why I am eager to participate in a public debate with Representative Henderson. I am ready to take the tough questions, debate the issues, and lay out my plan for reforming our state government. Unfortunately, Representative Henderson has refused. Why? Perhaps she is afraid to discuss her 729 missed votes since taking office? Or her consistent support for tax increases and pork barrel spending, giving her an F rating by the Club For Growth? Or maybe that she spends most of her time in Columbia with lobbyists and politicians, not her constituents in District 21? It is telling for Republican voters that she is avoiding a debate because the contrasts between the two candidates would very apparent. If she has nothing to hide, then she should be more than willing to accept my call to a public debate to discuss her record. This will allow voters to make a proper, informed choice on June 12th.

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