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Bobby Cox for State House Begins Airing New Campaign TV Ad

Cox Mounting Aggressive Campaign to Defeat Career Politician Phyllis Henderson

Bobby Cox began airing his first campaign television advertisement, “Conservative Reformer” today. Cox’s new television ad details his innovative plan to fight for stronger ethics reform including passing term limits. Cox also highlights his conservative stance to protect all life and gun rights guaranteed by the second amendment. As this ad details, Cox learned the values of honor and duty having graduated from The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, and serving as a Ranger in the US Army. Bobby Cox will bring these same conservative values with him to the State House and become a servant leader for State House District #21. Representative Phyllis Henderson has become a typical career politician spending almost all of her time in Columbia and yet missing over 700 votes since elected. Henderson is being bankrolled by donations from many of Columbia’s most powerful special interests including the big utilities and the health care industry. “Our elected officials should be held by the highest standard, not the lowest. Special interests control Columbia, that’s why we need ethics reform and term limits to make sure government operates for and by the people. Voters have had enough of the career politicians that continue to corrupt the process, we need to make a change. Unlike my opponent, I’ll show up for duty to fix the problems facing us as a State. It’s time to clean house.” said Bobby Cox. Bobby Cox is currently challenging incumbent Phyllis Henderson (R), South Carolina State House District #21. The Republican Primary will be held on June 12, 2018.

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