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U.S. Army Ranger Bobby Cox Announces his Candidacy for SC House District #21

Cox is running to restore integrity to our State Government and push for real ethics reform

(Greenville, SC) Today U.S. Army Ranger Bobby Cox announced his candidacy for SC House District #21 by making a grand entrance with a patriotic skydiving event with the U.S. Army Special Forces Association Parachute Team. Bobby Cox is entering the race because he feels that we need to restore integrity back in our State Government and that elected officials need to be held to a higher standard. “I’ve lived by a higher code my entire adult life… whether it was the Honor Code at The Citadel or the Ranger Creed that expects the highest level of conduct in our daily lives. I believe in servant leadership and I will bring this mentality to the State House and demand major ethics reform,” Cox stated. He believes that we need to put an end to career politicians by implementing term limits. Cox remarked that career politicians are out of touch with everyday South Carolinians and pledges to term limit himself for 8 years if elected. “I’m used to being in an Army assignment for two years, making a difference, and then moving on. Eight years is enough time to bring my experience to bear and help find conservative solutions,” he pronounced. Bobby plans to uphold his conservative values if elected by protecting the right to life and will continue to be a strong advocate of the 2nd Amendment. He will fight for less government, less taxes, and more freedom for families to live the way they want to live. In closing his announcement, Bobby Cox dedicated his campaign to our military veterans and their families. Cox pledged to dedicate his state salary to Veterans Organizations in the Upstate, especially those that help in combating the Opioid Crisis in our Veterans Community. Bobby Cox is an upstate native, businessman, Combat Veteran, Citadel Graduate, and Conservative Republican. Bobby Cox entered the U.S. Army after his graduation from The Citadel in 2002, and went on to complete Ranger School and the U.S. Army Airborne School. Bobby went on to serve four combat tours in Iraq. Currently he is the Director of Government Strategy for SIG SAUER. Bobby is married to the former Joscelyn Fletcher, a Furman Graduate, and they have two children, Reagan (8) and Seth (5) along with a yellow lab named Kate. They are active members of Taylors First Baptist Church. Bobby still serves in the Army Reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel.

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